Hello future real estate wholesaler,

My name is Delondon Dear and I have been a real estate investor since 2006. I am an entrepreneur first, as wholesaling real estate is one of my main sources of income.
I decided to leave the military to pursue my dreams of becoming a successful real estate investor. As it was my time to exit the military, I was offered large sums of money to re-enlist for 5-6 more years. Can you believe that I was constantly offered $25-$30K to stay in the army! I guess that they thought I was nuts. I know its a fact that if you want to make some real money these days you have to take action and make something happen for yourself.

And that is exactly what I did. The last year of my military career of 8 year, I was involved with Operation Enduring Freedom in Bagram Afghanistan. The whole time that I was there I studied upon tons of real estate investing books, getting myself ready to make this major move away from the army when I got back to the states. So I spend most of my time reading and studying while I was in Afghanistan.

I must say that my faith in God and my faith in knowing that I could do it paid off for me. Not even a full month out of the army I had a check in my hands for $12,000 for 20 minutes of work.
The seller called me - I found a buyer and created a $12,000 spread on my first deal!

I started a cheap marketing campaign on this house, and had buyers screaming at me to sell them this house that I recently put under contract 2 days ago. Folks it was my first time ever receiving a check of that amount at one time.
I never even touched the house.  I simply signed papers with the seller through fax (he lived out of town), and signed an agreement with my buyer who was a local house bargain hunter / real estate flipper.

The house was in horrible shape and the smell of cat urine could cause your eyes to water. The buyer later fixed the property up and it turned out to be a pretty decent looking house. It was a successful deal. The seller got what he wanted (to get the house sold), the buyer got what he wanted (a house to flip), and I got what I wanted (A big fat check!)
Most people think that the only method to real estate investing is spending your hard earned money buying, fixing, and selling the house for a big payday.

Yes, being a real estate flipper is one way to make money as an investor, but before you start your real estate investing career doing things the hard way, please listen to what I am about to say!
Stop watching Flip this house thinking that is how you should start investing in real estate as a new investor!
That show has caused more inspiring real estate investors to burry themselves in debt than Carlton Sheets! LOL. If you don't know who he is then Google it later.
My point is, if you are interested in investing in real estate, do it with as little risk possible, and keep your money in the bank until you decide after some experience to get into that field of play.

As there are many different ways to make money with real estate, I've found that wholesaling is the cheapest, easiest, and most effective way. Just ask any successful real estate investor. Most of us start as wholesalers.

When I was a new investor I did not have $15-$20K to fix and flip a property, so I found methods where I did not have to use any of my own money.

As a real estate wholesaler your job is to sell ugly properties to other investors that don't have the time or methods to finding discounted houses themselves; and the way that I am going to show you shortly you will not have to find motivated sellers, they actually find you!

This is some really amazing information that I have to share with you. Forget the FLUFF! If you are anything like me, you don't want to hear the same thing that so called real estate gurus have been teaching for years.


"Wholesaling Real Estate 101 Video Training Guide"

Forget the games and gimmicks, wholesaling real estate is going to fatten the wallets of many savvy investors this year. You just make sure you don't miss out on the most powerful form of real estate investing!

Here I have laid out my simple step by step system that can teach anyone with eyes and ears how to wholesale real estate with out using your own money. The most that you will have to spend is $5 bucks to get the contract signed with the seller. That five bucks really does not matter because your buyer will be giving you $500 in non-refundable deposit money to tie up the property from you. Guys, I am telling you, with this system there is no possible way that you can loose.

The way that I present this video training is through a personal one on one type teaching, where I will physically get out there, and show you how I do my work as a wholesaler. This course is completely taught through you hearing me, and watching me do everything it takes to successfully get properties under contract, and quickly sell the property to a bargain hunter, in this case it will be our buyer.

It is now 2016 and the game has changed for the little guy, because sellers are now more desperate that ever before!

Everyday I get calls from desperate people trying to get out of their house because they have absolutely no clue what to do with it. They don't see the dollar signs in their property because it is so ugly and usually in need of considerable repair..

As a real estate wholesaler, usually the uglier the property is, the more dollar signs I see. That's how it works.
"Delondon is the Real Deal..."

"When Delondon speaks, you should listen. I actually started getting calls as soon as I put the methods to use.

It has only been 2 full weeks since I bought the Wholesaling Real Estate 101 training, and I currently have 1 wholesale deal that's about to close in a week, and 2 potential deals that I will be getting contracts on as soon as I make it over there.

This training is completely step-by-step. Explained very well.

I actually bought courses pertaining to real estate before, but never like this. The content is rich, new, and very unique. The best part about it, it has been working for me here in Houston. I paid $67 for it and would have gladly paid triple the price. Delondon is the real deal and should be taken very serious.

Thanks for your wisdom,"

Travis Barber - Houston T.X.

"This is BY FAR The Best Real Estate Wholesaling Course Out There"
"Considering the fact that I was already a real estate wholesaler, I had some knowledge of the basics already. Because I was having some issues with how I was working my business I had to find how to seriously get the ball rolling on this. That is when I found Delondon's course. After buying everything that I could find to improve my earnings, I can truly say that this is by far the best real estate wholesaling course out there.

I can't believe how many deals I was passing up. Before I bought this course, my marketing method was lame. After using his creative methods of marketing, my pockets are now fatter than they use to be. I still can't believe how much he is giving for the price. Delondon you are the best!"

Tasha Sap - Sacramento C.A.

"From a few trickling calls to over 400 calls in one month..."

"I am a new investor that has limited experience in wholesaling. I am so glad that I found this guy. I was stuck on that pipe dream of thinking that the only way to make money with real estate was through the fix and flip technique.

Delondon keeps it simple, but yet his style is very effective. Trust me, you will not find others teaching his methods, and if you do, they learned it from him. He pretty much directs you in a straight path to the money, and because I was short in cash, I need to learn other methods. That's exactly what I got from him.

I went from a few trickling calls a month, to over 400 calls in one month using the methods that he teaches. I am excited. Luckily I had some help with handling all of the leads and I am currently sitting with 9 signed contracts on my desk at the moment. I already closed on deals a month after going through the whole course. I truly can't believe it. No more broke days for me. Thanks a million!"

Brian Washington - Miami F.L.

When a house is in bad shape the owner can't see the cash potential, so they are willing to let it go for pennies on the dollar.

Just imagine if you could have your phone ringing off the hook from desperate, motivated sellers wanting you to offer them a solution for their house, and willing to take just about anything for it.

The way that the media chastises home owners these days, it is not hard to see why they are throwing their homes away. And the informed investor is there to offer them solutions that even Realtors can't help them with.

Real estate agents absolutely love real estate investors involved in wholesaling real estate!

Its crazy because most realtors won't list a house that need lots of repairs because the know that they most of their buyers want homes in livable condition now. The rules, regulations, and terms of their Realtor license prohibits them from getting creative with real estate.
Any smart Realtor knows that having a sharp real estate investor on their team will help them to make money from listings that they can't do anything with. So as a wholesaler, this gives you a huge edge. They automatically know that you can help them.

This then gives you access to the Realtors Data base (The MLS (Multiple Listing Service). I actually developed a way that you can show a real estate agent how you can help them and in return, gives you access to a whole new world of real estate through the MLS. (Most real estate investors don't even know that you can do this.)

As a medic in the army I made $30,000 a year – As a real estate wholesaler I made $34,257 my second month! You do the math.

The main reason why I left a secure job in the military was simply because I wanted more freedom in my life, and did not want to miss out on any more of my 3 children's birthdays because of deployments. I like to spend my day doing the things that count to me such as, spending time with my family, making money, and fishing.
What would you do if you could spend the entire day doing whatever it is that you enjoy doing?

So you have an interest in wholesaling real estate. I must say that I have found it to be one of the easiest ways to make money with real estate. The reason for this is because you really don't do anything but make arrangements with the seller and the interested buyer. You stand as the middle man that brings the deal together. You are the mediator, calling the shots, telling them what they need to do and when. After all they will listen to you. You are able to supply to them what they are looking for.

Because you, the wholesaler, was able to bring to two together, you are paid at closing with the seller. That is your job as a wholesale real estate investor.
As with any business, if you step into it blindly without any real knowledge or skill, you will fail miserably.

When I first started wholesaling real estate, I made some good money, and I also made a lot of mistakes. These mistakes were costly and I am here to make sure no other investor serious about wholesaling will make the same foolish mistakes.

It is really amazing to see how the real estate market has picked up full steam in the recession. In this market you will either be a wise predator or ignorant prey in your finances.

This market will make more millionaires in real estate than any other field. Recent studies are showing that Wall Street is getting more and more interested in the creative ways real estate investors are profiting from savvy methods. The type of returns that real estate wholesalers are getting are unheard of. Stocks can't give you the type of return on your investment as wholesaling can. The realize this, and are paying attention to us.

Considering that you can be flat broke, learn some profitable methods of real estate investing, you can turn your life around instantly. I've seen it happen many times. You just have to know the right things. As a wholesaler it is not who you know, it is what you know.

Here are just some of the things you will learn from the wholesaling real estate video training:
The most effective real estate marketing technique know to man. (I can't believe I am leaking this secret.)
How to never sit on a house. It sold before the ink dries on the sellers contract.
How to have masses of hungry buyers running to buy your property.
Exactly what to say to sellers to get the price low enough to create a profitable spread.
Proper market research on potential wholesale deals.
How to let the whole city know that you are open for business, sending traffic (calls) in your direction.
How to work with realtors, and what buttons to press to get the goods. MLS Access.
How to get locals to hunt ugly houses for you, freeing up your time to what counts, making money.
How negotiate the deal, giving you the power to make what you want.
What areas you will profit from the fastest, and what areas to stay away from.
How to quickly screen your calls to see if it is a potential deal or a waist of your time.
How to keep your phone ringing off the hook with desperate sellers looking for a solution to their ugly house problem.
How to stand out to sellers so that they call you and not your competitors.
Why you as an investor will never waist your time showing houses. Leave that to the Realtors.
How you will use free resources like craigslist to make six figures this year.
How to properly fill out the 2 contracts needed to seal the deal. (Basically holding your hand through it.)
How to do proper market analysis to ensure the profit margin is there for you.
Secret Bomb Shell marketing techniques that will help you dominate your city in a few days time.
And so much more...
You will use this information for the rest of your life. How much is it worth to you?

Your not selling a hot commodity. Ugly real estate is something people dread. They simply don't see the dollar signs in these properties - therefore competition means nothing. When you put a house under contract your doing something that people only wish they knew how to do. It doesn't matter if one or one million people do this - everyone can still earn a good income. Wholesaling will be a hot market for many years to come.

Market saturation is no issue in this business. Actually, there are not enough people doing it. More money for us. Not everyone has the kahunas to be a real estate wholesaler. Wholesaling real estate only sounds scary. You real don't need kahunas at all to make money in this business.

This system has never been released, there for your competitors are just bystanders trying to figure out what you are doing better than them.
Everyone in your street or suburb could run this at the same time and you could all make just as much money - competition means nothing!

Wholesaling Real Estate 101 an incredibly simple system - so simple that my 16 year old nephew is able to put 2-3 wholesale deals together every month. One of the youngest real estate investors I ever taught. There is absolutely nothing complicated about it.

This is not a 500 page ebook and this is not some complicated rehashed real estate course. This is over 5 hours of straight-to-the-point, step by step video instructions. Wholesaling Real Estate 101 is a system that works without fail each and every time. My methods are proven, and my system is effective.

So why am I sharing this with you?

Well firstly, as I mentioned above - competition is no issue. It doesn't matter how many people do this along with me because it will have absolutely no effect on my personal earnings.

Also, instead of saying something like "I just want to help people" or "I want to put an end to real estate guru scams" I'll simply be honest and say this....

Anything useful is worth selling for a price - plain and simple. People want to know how to make money wholesaling real estate, and I'll gladly show them - for a price.

If you are tired of living paycheck to paycheck like I was in the military, then keep reading! If you want to change your life forever, live a better lifestyle, and enjoy the freedom that you are searching for, then this is for you.

Get Your Hands On This Now!

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I want to put one or two more testimonials on this web site but people always tell me they will send me their pictures and story, and then they forget about me! 

If you promise me that you will email me a short testimonial about how fast you were able to get your first wholesale deal, and how much my video training has helped you, then I will give the next person who orders my training $130 off for promising me your testimonial!  So, if we have a deal, you can have my video training for $197 only $67.00 for the next person that orders!

Guys trust me, I know how it feels to be looking for something, willing to spend the money for good material and all you can find is a bunch of people selling rehashed ebooks that they did not even write.

I am providing you with a complete 9 module video training guide, over 3.5 hours of step by step video, created by yours truly. You get to literally watch over my shoulder as I go through the whole process of getting you started to making great money with wholesaling real estate. You will be shown exactly how I work my business from point A to point be. I leave absolutely nothing out! Here's what you will be getting:

Module 1 - Instant Start Guide
How to scope out the houses that are suitable for our method of wholesaling.
An unbelievable Free tool to instantly locate and target profitable areas.
All my online tools for locating areas profitable for wholesaling.
Module 2 - Working With Realtors
A simple way of getting access to the MLS without having a realtors license.
The exact step by step method I use to determine market values on potential deals.
The hidden power of web sites like zillow, forsalebyowner, realquestinvestor and more...
Module 3 - Lead Generation
All my superior, high profile lead generation methods.
Exactly how to put together a profitable marketing campaign.
The big secret of launching the worlds cheapest, most effective marketing campaign for wholesalers on a budget
Module 4 - My Secret Weapon
How to instantly get your city informed that you are of a service to who ever needs to sell.
The step by step methods I use on a daily basis to keep my business full steam ahead.
Finally an investor taking you into the trenches live, showing how to get your marketing started on full blast.
Module 5&6 - Creative Marketing
The simple wholesaling home economic class that showing you how to use chloroplast and pvc pipe to instantly establish your business as a force to be reckon with. (You'll never guess how.) One of the only marketing tools that you will everl need.
Module 7 - Outsorcing, Pre-Screening Leads, Gurrila Marketing
The gmail secret. Setting up free accounts to flood your business with the people that you need.
How to create an abundance of profitable leads through outsourcing. After you get some deals you will need to know this to really make your business explode with cash.
My simple pre-screening method that saves you masses of time.
The big secret of finding cash buyers from absolutely free resources
The powerful seller formula that shows you how to present low offers that make since, and makes them say yes.
My method of rounding up buyers from surrounding cities, getting them to interested, and put on your buyers list even if they don't by at that moment.
Module 8 - Power Ads, Business Incorperation, Working with your buyers
Free online tool that sends buyers to your business over night. Completely on autopilot.
Exactly how to build your buyers list, and steps to take if the buyer is interested in the home.
The reason why you will never show a home EVER! Instant time saver.
How to create amazingly effective Power Ads for your wholesaling business.
How to instantly screen buyers to see how serious they really are.
How to finally incorporate your business totally hands off. 100% simple and stress free.
The big secrets of tax write offs for wholesaling real estate.
Module 9 - Contracts in Detail
Exactly how to fill out the 2 simple wholesaling contracts step by step in detail.
Filling out the proper paper work
Exact contracts that I use to tie up to deal with the seller.
Exact contract that I use to sell the property to the cash buyer.
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If you don't know by now, You Tube is the world's 2nd largest web site (next to google.) If you don't know how to take advantage of all of this free traffic that You tube is handing out on a sliver platter, you are seriously missing out on loads of free money. Traffic always equals money in any business. I have provided you with breakthrough ways in this video to, use You Tube to take over your local search results through keywords and tags.

I have found a really cool way to outrank all of your local online real estate competitors, with out actually having a web site. I am going to show you how to create targeted videos getting them indexed in Google local search results for your city so that when visitors are searching for anything that relates to real estate, your video will show up in the top Google search results.

This my friends is one of the most powerful methods of sending targeted real estate traffic to any real estate business, wholesaling or not. I was actually going to offer this bonus as a single product by its self.


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So yes, it is a very big course... And I know you're going to love every minute of it.
In fact, I am so confident you're going to love this I'm guaranteeing it for a ridiculous SIXTY days. That's 2 whole months for you to try it out... On my dime.


Yes Delondon,

Please give me instant online access to the entire Wholesaling Real Estate 101 Course. I understand that:
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